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Monday, 28 October 2013

Comes Full Circle.....

The above is an illo to go with a prose story in Black Tower Super Heroes 2. The character is in the fine tradition of comics "teller of spooky tales" and he is the narrator of a story in issue 1 of the aforementioned comic. He also features in a couple of the strips leading up to Green Skies.

But as I was putting the art/text together I suddenly realised that this was NOT the characters first appearance.  Minus hat and bag, the character first appeared in the 1980s and more recently in Tales Of Terror 1 in a strip titled "The Grave" -written and pencilled by myself and inked/coloured by Ben R. Dilworth.

Oddly, I've been find a good few old strips and characters have just neatly fitted in Return Of The Gods: Twilight Of The Super Heroes and the Green Skies storylines. In fact, it's as if I've had the idea all along but it's taken 30 years to realise it!

Who says that comics cannot be fun? 

And below -Graveyard from Loaded Magazine 1, 1991 which will all be explained....soon.

All material (c) 2013 T. Hooper-Scharf


Addenda: someone said the face to the left was spooky and "neat" but I told them I had no idea what they were talking about. Just checked...they were right!!!


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