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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Well, Folks -The Green Skies: Dene Vernon

Okay, Comickers: I've taken a deep breath and clenched my teeth.

I really, really hate to give glimpses at a project.  But I've been asked several times to do so for The Green Skies.

NOT scans but digital photos -yah! Boo! Sucks!  You'll note dialogue pasted on scraps of papers.  These are just the rough unedited pages.  Much more in the way of solid black and cross-hatching is to be done. But WHAT is going on in 1942 London?

NOT telling!


  1. Dene Vernon - looking very classic Sherlock Holmsey - DEAD ??!!? What is going on in 1942 London ?? What is that one-eyed creature, which looks like something from the TNT Tom classic story in BT Superheroes #1 ? What is Bring 'em Back Hank doing with the time sphere he used in that classic adventure doing loittering in front of DENE VERNON's HOUSE ???? Agh. Terry. The suspense is killing me !! And who is the mystery figure in the black flat hat ????!!! I'm going to lay down. Wonderful pictures, Terry. I'm gladyou posted them, and I'm glad I could finally huntthem down. Cheers.

  2. Ahh, indeed. We all walk the path of Counter-actuality. Could it be a pre-TNT Tom "the coming of the UFO" appearance of a Kahrrkhgr? Is it a Vampiron hiding in the shadows? A safari suit in freezing weather? The time machine used many times by Hank (I sense a book of Hank Time Travelling reprints !)? Dene Vernon quite literally gutted. Dead? How often can I use the ? before it fails???? Even I have no idea where this is going! And Mars Attacked??? I'm pooping meself. What did you ask?