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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ace Hart -The Planet Of Wanted Men

Ace Hart The Atom Man" -what a monicker!   C. Purvis worked for a number of small publishers in the late 1940s and is often cited as "the" artist on Ace Hart.  In fact, according to Allan Clark in his Dictionary Of Comic Artists, Writers & Editors (1998), Purvis's only credit is with issue no. 6.

I have looked at the other artists on the strip in The Ultimate Golden Age Collection and I believe this strip is by James "Jim" Bleach who was active for a short while in the 1950s-mainly for Scion.  That's all we really know.

Oh, I need to point out that I have cleaned -and I do mean cleaned!- up these pages but they are not at the quality I would present them in a book.  Take a look at the page at the very bottom!


Now you've seen this story I'd like to show you one of the "better" pages from this story I had to work on!

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