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Saturday, 18 October 2014

LOOK OUT -COMING THIS DECEMBER -Dr LeFun's Psychopandemonicum of Terror!

Oh yes.  Dr LeFun originated in a three page story I wrote and pencilled back in the 1980s.  Around 2010 the character appeared in Dr LeFun And The Curse Of The Yucatan Mummy!

And that was it.
Until one of the UKs most under-rated comic strip artists resurrected the character for appearances in Black Tower Adventure, Black Tower Super Heroes and Tales Of Terror!  And that man was none other than Ben R. Dilworth.
The re-told origin of Dr Lefun takes centre stage and this collection contains strips previously published and never-before-published behind a trademark Hooper-Scharf nut-job cover.
More information before publication which is expected to be some time in December.
By-the-way, have you not noticed the pair of glowing red eyes in that dark corner.....?

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