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Friday, 3 October 2014

My British Comic Book History Project?

I have been asked -and not via the internet!- what happened to the book on British comics history I was working on?

Well, as is always the way, I've kind of changed "mid-flow" as it were.  The book was meant to be a British comics history but I decided that I should not really supply plagiarists with more information that they can steal and call their own.

I decided that, yes, there will be British comics history but the book will also feature articles that I have written on the Small Press, German and British comics and much more. And, yes, it WILL be another "big 'un"!

When it will appear is another matter. I have a few comic albums to get out of the way as well as the Green Skies graphic novel which, like Return (see the ad to the right), should be well over 300 pages in length. I am also currently working on a book of my Maakika art so.....

Add all of this to the two up-coming Bristol comic events and I'm quite busy.  I'd estimate maybe February, 2015?  That is not legally binding, mind you.

So, keep watching and waiting and saving those pennies!

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